10th International Prof. Dr. h. c. Arbo Valdma Master Class for pianists


August 1-10

  • Courses last for 10 days and both August 1 and August 10 are working days.
  • Every participant gets 3 to 5 lessons from prof Arbo Valdma.
  • Lessons and concerts take place in Pärnu Town Hall (3 Nikolai Street) and in Pärnu Café's, final concert with Pärnu City Orchestra will take place at Pärnu Concert Hall (Aida street 4)
  • Students can rehearse in Pärnu Music School piano classes from 9 am until 7 pm (Aida Street 4). Booking for the classes begin at 8.45 am only for the same day.
  • As a tradition studio concerts are part of the course.
  • The participants have free choice of repertoire.
  • Limited number of participants have opportunity to perform with local Chamber Ensemble (flute, violins and cello) and with Pärnu City Orchestra.
  • There is a possibility to perform piano concertos on 2 pianos (in Pärnu Town Hall). If possible, please help us finding another pianist to play the orchestral part.
  • Lessons are public and open to auditors.

Tuition fee:
3 lessons €310;
4 lessons €400;
5 lessons €490;

Additional fee €100 when performing with Chamber Ensemble;

Additional fee €400 when performing with the Orchestra.

Registration fee €100.
After you have sent us the registration form, we will send you invoice and after the money has received to us we will accept your participation.

The registration fee is part of tuition fee, so later you pay for the Master Class total, the amount of registration fee will be deleted from the total (for example, you have payed 100 € for registration, later you pay for the tuition fee for 5 lessons 370 €; you will pay 100+370=470 total).

Registration fee will be not payed back, except in case the Master Class will be canceled itself.

Tuition fee does not include accommodation nor travel costs.

NB! Registration will end on May 1, 2011
or until the limit of participants will be fulfilled
(up to 20 participants).