Prof. dr. h. c. Arbo Valdma's VIII International Summer University in Pärnu




SUVEUNIversiteet 2009

This has been 8th time already for Professor dr. h. c. Arbo Valdma to give piano lessons at Pärnu Summer University 2009. There was 20 active participants both from Estonia and Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Norway this year. Among them we had Zoran ©krinjar, a blind pianist from Slovenia who is well-known internationally at both classical and jazz concerts. The participants got practice at Pärnu Music School pianos. Those passive participants (listeners), who had participated the Master Class before, got free admission for this Summer University.

As a tradition, there were seven SUVEUNI concerts held this Summer. Four of them were Studio Concerts at Pärnu Town Hall. We also found a new café at Port Artur 2 (third floor), where we had two concerts. At our final concert few pianists got chance to play Schumann and Chopin piano concertos at August 9 at Pärnu Concert Hall. They were accompained bu Pärnu City Orchestra and conducted by Maestro Jüri Alperten.