Tuition fee:
3 lessons €310;
4 lessons €400;
5 lessons €490;

Additional fee €400 when performing with the orchestra (one part 200 €, two parts 300 €).Registration fee is €100.After you have sent us the registration form, we will send you invoice and after the transmission has been done we will accept your participation. We will send you a confirmation e-mail. In case you haven’t gotten a confirmation concerning registration and registration fee within 2 weeks, please contact us.The registration fee 100 € is a part of tuition fee, so later you pay for the Master Class total, the amount of registration fee will be deleted from the total (for example, you have payed 100 € for registration, later you pay for the tuition fee for 5 lessons 390 €; you will pay 100+390=490 in total).NB! The registration fee is non-returnable, except in case the Master Class will be canceled itself.Tuition fee does not include accommodation nor travel costs.Registration deadline:Registration will take place until May 30, 2013or until the limit of participants will be fulfilled (up to 20 participants). NB! The Special Prices of our accommodation will also end in May 30, 2012, if you send your registration after the deadline (since May 31), you'll have to pay the general prices (look at